The Development of Community Business Management System at Ban Mae Khee Mook, Mae Jam District, Chiang Mai Province.

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Haruethai Asakit



The purpose of this research was to develop a community business management system at Ban Mae Khee Mook, Mae Jam district, Chiang Mai province. The system was developed so that the community could analyze the asset, debt, loan, cash, cash payment and the performance of community members at Ban Mae Khee Mook in order to calculate the income and debt via digital technology as well as for the convenience of the president of the sub-district administration organization and the sheriff to report the community members’ performance and analyze the future trend of the community. This system was developed by using Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Then, the database system was analyzed and designed into 3 groups of users including the system administrator, the data collection officer, and the sheriff. The result showed that the system could retrieve of basic operation information on asset information, debt, loan, cash and the performance of the community. Finally, the results indicated that overall, the quality of the system was at a high level with the mean of 4.45 and the standard deviation of 0.48.


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