Study and Design Easy Chair Set From Leather Scrapes


  • Somchai Boonpitak
  • Charinee Toresuwan


Global warming, easy chair, leather scraps


This project was the studies and design a set of relaxing chair from leather scrap. The samples of population
consisted of 44 students who are over 15 year-old and live in Ban Tak district,Tak province The statistics used mean (x )
and standard deviation (SD) to analyze The findings were as followings: the samples preferred free form shape of furniture
( x = 4.80) they liked the dark brown and light brown earth-tones (x = 4.25) they preferred the combination of dark and
light brown scraps ( x = 4.25) the structure shouid be an MDF wood light-weight, strong, and long life time (x = 4.43)
They preferred a suitable size, easy to maintain safe and long life time, and not pollutiong (x = 4.54) The results of this
study showed that the shape of the leather scarp chair were interesting and gorgeous. The usability was comfortable when
we sit. In addition, these chairs were appreciated with the people who want to relax because we designed for human
ergonomic. Furthermore, this study isn’t just benefit for one person but it can help the world to reduce global warming and
reduce the amount of garbage.




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