Guidelines for Preserving Based on the Beliefs and Rituals of Mien Ethnic in Thailand: SWOT Analysis

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Ekachai Taweepworachai


This article aims to study guidelines for preserving based on the beliefs and rituals of the Mien ethnic in Thailand. Combine data from the study of documents (Documentary Research), observation, activities Organized by Iu mien/Yao agencies both domestically and internationally were analyzed by SWOT. The findings indicated that Mien ethnic in Thailand giving importance to their rituals and beliefs, there were preserving agencies Mien Culture, which’s a strength (S). Nevertheless, it has a weakness (W) in the lack of an inheritance system and can’t read a ritual’s treatise, including the next generation youth lack of knowledge and understanding of beliefs and rituals. Opportunities (O), Mien in domestically and internationally both had the same religious rituals, include with the technology advancement at the present. Which helping Mien ethnic get information easily. Threats  (T) social changing and economic factors at present were a limit of preserving rituals. Which the suggestions of guidelines for preserving from the study are preserving center and develop Mien language, deserving to organize activities training, cooperate and create knowledge media. Including promoting learning online systems of beliefs and rituals. On the other hand, create cooperation together with Iu Mien agencies internationally to exchange knowledge and jointly carry on preserving the traditions.

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Taweepworachai, E. (2021). Guidelines for Preserving Based on the Beliefs and Rituals of Mien Ethnic in Thailand: SWOT Analysis. Humanities and Social Sciences Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University Academic Journal, 8(2), 88–104. Retrieved from
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