Approach to Development of Safety Management in Bang Bo Power Plant, Bang Bo, Samutprakan Province

  • นพรัตน์ ศรีวงษ์แผน สาขาการจัดการความปลอดภัย คณะตำรวจศาสตร์ โรงเรียนนายร้อยตำรวจ
Keywords: Development, Safety Management, Bang Bo Power Plant


The researcher studied the problem of safety management, which included the population, including those who came to work (the executive, the contractor, the contact person, the coordinator) Attitude to safety management in Bang Bo Power Plant, Bang Bo District, Samutprakarn Province, in five sides. The study was a mixed-use research by Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research with in-depth interviews, and the results of quantitative research as semi-structured interviews. The results of the research were discussed in Focus Group of 8 people to brainstorm and critique. The study found that 326 males or 81.5%, Age of people range is 31-40 year old 144 people or 36.0% of them. With regard to safety management in all five sides, it was found that the people entered in Bang Bo power plant had the lowest level of attitudes in Safety in life and property in drug control and prevention in level average at 3.88. In terms of the personal factors of those who came to work in the Bang Bo power plant, the difference in responsibilities was different to the level of safety management in the power plant from their functional duties; they may have different levels of attitudes, opinions, or insights, as they should be. The different levels of education will have different effects on the level of safety management in some of the power plants, in the areas of emergency and emergency situations, and in separating the relation between the power plants and their safety management. It was found that the relation between the plants in a safe workplace with statistical significance at level 0.05

The results of the focus group researchers found that the site should consider developing safety management by Safety Induction, CCTV installation in risk areas, drug, and alcohol random sampling test, Monitor the concentration of chemicals in the atmosphere and volume in the work area, rehearse emergency plans at night time. And to determine the area to clean equipment and tools contaminated with oil, respectively.


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