The problem of applying the laws regarding the security control of the residents in the lodging businesses, other than hotel businesses, in Sangkom Area, Nongkhai

  • Paramaporn Weeraphan Law Department, Faculty of Integrated Social Science, Khon Kaen University Nong Khai Campus
Keywords: Legal problem in homestay businesses law, homestay businesses, Tourism laws


            This research is made to study about the measure of Thai laws applying in the security control of the residents in the lodging businesses, other than hotel businesses, or can be categorized in the homestay businesses.  This research is made in the term of documentary research and field research through the method of the business owners, tourists and other related organizations in Sangkom Area and other areas in Nongkhai province in-depth interview and brought in the term of descriptive analysis.  The research result is found out that the government sector shall especially legislate the suitable homestay laws, having the rules and regulations on the homestay businesses registration, the cancellation registration, the measure of the homestay residents security control on their lives, bodies and properties.  Besides, there shall be the improvements on the promoting and support in homestay businesses in Nongkhai, run through the local government sector.  The community’s investment shall also be promoted for the homestay businesses.


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