Enforcement Issues for Trademark Act 1991 Case Study: Proof of Trademark Ownership

  • Sangwean Thippha
Keywords: Legal issues, identify, trademarks


        The objective of this research to study the concepts, theories, and research related to. Trademark and the solution of the facts and legal issues legal measures to suppress the commission of the trademark.
        This research the research aims to study the theoretical concepts of law related to the development of measures and legislation to solve the problems of facts and legal ssues in the suppression of the trademark. And to prove ownership of the Trademarks Act 2534
        Research has shown that to prove the reputation of the trademark is a registered trademark owned by the community are entitled to bring a lawsuit to prevent the violation of their rights. Researchers have suggested that. Should prescribe more meaning of the term "well-known trademark" that has farreaching implications are. To make it easier to prove the reputation of the trademark.


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Author Biography

Sangwean Thippha

Faculty of Law Pathumthani University


พรเพ็ญ เพชรสุขศิริ และคณะ (2549) การติดตามประเมินผลการดําเนินงานป้องกันและ ปราบปรามอาชญากรรมพิเศษ ประจําปีงบประมาณ 2549. กรุงเทพมหานคร : สํานักงาน กิจการยุติธรรม

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