Three Years Development Plan Achievement of Local Administrative Organization in Sub district Municipality Level ,Mueng District, Pathumthani Province

  • Somchay Srisuntornvhohan
Keywords: The achievement, local development plan, Participation


            The objectives of this research were 1) to study three years development plan achievement of local administrative organization in sub district municipality level in Mueng district, Pathumthani province. 2) to compare the achievement level that divided by personal factors.
            The results have shown that;
            1. The majority sample was male with bachelor degree, working status with expert position and they had ever participated in sub district development plan.
            2. Three years development plan of municipality had analyzed of local capability , mostly, people was participated in plan doing, the worker can take this plan to do as the objective setting , the sufficiency budget , materials , tools in performance, the sufficiency potential people, the mission and vision determination before plan doing, three years development plan was according to provincial and nation plans, organization administrative as good governance and was success in time, the worker was accepted and evaluated by the efficiency systems.
                    2.1 The achievement level, the overall and each aspect were at the high level when considering each aspect found that all aspect were at the high level ( x̄ = 3.75) ; ranking in descending order of mean : capability performance planning aspect ( x̄ = 3.85) , personnel development aspect ( x̄ = 3.84) and adaptive capability aspect ( x̄ = 3.83) respectively.
                    2.2 The opinions of the achievement result that divided by performance status found that all aspects were passed the determination criteria 70 %.
                    2.3 The opinions of the achievement result that divided by performance status of each sub district municipality found that all municipalities passed the determination criteria 70%


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Author Biography

Somchay Srisuntornvhohan

Department of Political Science Pathumthani University


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