Worldview on the Current Situation : From Rat Life Cycle – COVID-19


  • Suwin Raksat Mahamakut Buddhist University
  • Yannakorn Toprayoon he Association of Researchers of Thailand
  • Somporn Yoddamnoen Independent Scholar


Worldview, Current situation, Rat life cycle, COVID-19.


An academic article on “Worldview on the current situation: From rat life cycle to COVID-19”. The objective is to broaden the worldview about the current world situation in which the coronavirus (CoV) or COVID-19 is rapidly pandemic. It is viewed through the rat life cycle, causes and solution. The article methodology is used by the behavioural comparative analysis and current situation of content analysis for searching causes and providing solutions.

The analytical results showed that the life cycle behavior of rats is very related to the environment. Mice behave according to the increasing population and ecosystems that change as well. When compared to the life cycles of people in the world, they are very similar. Currently, the situation is in the epidemic phase as corresponding to the rat's life cycle. The main causes are scrambling food to eat, scrambling a place to live, scrambling couples to belong, and seizing power to dominate. Mice and humans have the behavior to attack and destroy each other to the death in which variables of ecosystems and food chain systems not equilibrated are. Solutions to the immediate situation are granted the budget approval for remedies, treatment, prevention, and aiding in all dimensions.

Fortunately, relying on the epidemic period, it is the right time to adjust human behavior to understand nature, to live to equilibrate between man and nature. Do not behave in destructive actions of human and animal life causing food chain problems.  It is also a ripe time to detox Thailand in the aspects of true value, education, attitude, inspiring innovation, and daring to think and act based on the principle of cooperation and giving a chance to the wised according to the Buddhist doctrine.


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