The Method of Music Practice for Students’ Further Development

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ธวัช อัศวเดชาฤทธิ์


When students have taken music lessons for a certain period of time, many of them have been discouraged by their unsatisfactory musical progress, even though they have put tremendous effort.  Moreover the result that is shown to a music professor is only mediocre compared to the result during the practice sessions.  Furthermore they experience memory slip during the performances. This article introduces the approaches (from making order of important information to topics involved in practicing musical instruments), which teach students not only about how to play specific pieces (such as technical demands for the pieces) but also teach students to cope with their anxiety (which will improve students performances tremendously) and thus cause students to perform to the public with much confidence.


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อัศวเดชาฤทธิ์ธ. (2019). The Method of Music Practice for Students’ Further Development. PAYAP UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, 29(1), 1-11.
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