The Usage and Strategy of Social Media on Political Campaign in the Social Network Era

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This article focuses on political campaign and the usage of media as the vital tool for the campaign’s success. In the beginning, the definition, importance, and strategy of political campaign are explained and followed by the usage of media, especially on social media which has been used for important elections around the world. The benefits of social media in political campaign are portrayed including its strategy to overcome the opponents.  However, the article also points out to the destructive objectives in applying social media to the current presidential elections in some countries to attack the opposites. The different political views of social media users may cause the divide of societies at last. The solution, besides, will be explained to prevent the damaging situations among the different views of social networks.


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พัฒนศรีวิเชียรส. (2019). The Usage and Strategy of Social Media on Political Campaign in the Social Network Era. PAYAP UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, 29(1), 27-41.
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