What is Inbound Marketing?

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This academic article describes the use of digital marketing tools in this digital age that is changing and growing rapidly by using technology as a marketing tool for Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing provides the right content, to the right groups, at the right time for customers to like that content. This involves using Inbound Marketing tools for each of the 4 steps: attract, convert, close, and delight. Inbound Marketing is work that helps organizations work effectively, and to reach their target groups. The article will explain each step and marketing tools used in each step. It will also summarize the four principles of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a marketing concept that focuses on good quality and interesting content to make customers or consumers become interested and come to inquire or find information. Businesses can use Inbound Marketing because of its three good aspects: 1) it is low cost marketing, 2) involves two-ways marketing communication, and 3) includes a customer screening system.


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