What is E-Fulfillment?

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Thosaphon Bunsiri
Suangchanok Rakcharoen
Onanong Sripairoj


This academic article presents E-Fulfillment, online warehouse services, which has become popular strategy for today online business. E-Fulfillment helps online business to improve cost efficiency in several dimensions, including inventory warehousing and order processing time. It also allows business operations focusing on marketing strategies in order to increase sales and cost reductions in human resources, operations, and transportations. Furthermore, it is enable efficiency in business management through easy backend access that allows 24-7 monitoring of each operation stage. Regarding E-Fulfillment strategies, there are four primary strategies including In-House Fulfillment, Outsource Fulfillment, Dropship Fulfillment, and Hybrid Order Fulfillment. Each strategy has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, e-commerce businesses can be developed by using online warehouse services or E-Fulfillment in order to reduce operating costs and facilitate marketing plans not to waste time on the delivery of orders. Thus, E-Fulfillment will be used for business expansion in the future.  It is expected that this article might be a guideline to help the entrepreneurs in making decisions for an investment or considering factors influencing decision making in E-Fulfillment in the future.


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Bunsiri, T. ., Rakcharoen, S. ., & Sripairoj, O. . (2022). What is E-Fulfillment?. PAYAP UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, 32(1), 134–147. https://doi.org/10.14456/pyuj.2022.10
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