Motivation that Affects Participation in Educational Quality Assurance Operations of Loei Rajabhat University


  • Sub-anun Palabud Lecturer, Department of public administration, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Loei Rajabhat University
  • Sathaporn Boriboonwat Academician of Quality Assurance, Office of Quality Assurance, Loei Rajabhat University


participation, motivation, educational quality assurance


The objective of this research is study the motivation that affects the participation in educational quality assurance of Loei Rajabhat University personnel. The population used in this study was 257 personnel of Loei Rajabhat University. Is a questionnaire Data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation. By using SPSS for Windows.

The results of this research found that the opinions on participation in educational quality assurance with the highest mean was participation in the examination of the performance (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.75, S.D. = 0.69) followed by Participation in the improvement of performance (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.75, S.D. = 0.69) and the least average issue is Participation in planning (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.58, S.D. = 0.64)  Motivation that affects the desire to participate in educational quality assurance, found that Loei Rajabhat University personnel There is an incentive that affects the desire to participate in the educational quality assurance work. At the agreed level (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.66, S.D. = 0.70), when considering each item, it was found that the motivation that resulted in the desire to participate in the educational quality assurance work was the most. The routine work of the agency has achieved the goal (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.87, S.D. = 0.60) followed by the supervisor. And colleagues Accept your knowledge and ability. Praised And respect (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.63, S.D. = 0.70) and motivation affecting the participation in educational quality assurance at the lowest level Which is at the level of idle level is to be considered for promotion Promoted by knowledge and ability Fairly And are encouraged to develop knowledge and skills such as continuing education, training, seminars. (gif.latex?\dpi{80}&space;\bar{X}=3.25, S.D. = 0.97)


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