The Development of English Reading Comprehension Skill by Using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) for Grade 6 Students

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Phattiya Choosakul
Duangporn Sriboonruang
Ladawan Wattanabut


              The purposes of this research were to 1) study the effectiveness index of instructional plan which used CLT to improve Grade 6’s English reading comprehension ability by using Communicative Language Teaching, 2) compare the English reading comprehension ability of students before and after learning through Communicative Language Teaching for developing reading comprehension and 3) study the satisfaction of students toward CLT for learning reading comprehension. The sample was 30 students studying in Grade6, Rajabhat Mahasarakham Demonstration School, selected by using purposive sampling. The experiment was carried out for a seven -week time frame; there were sixteen class periods of fifty minutes each. The instruments used in this study were 4 lesson plans, an achievement test and a questionnaire to evaluate the students’ satisfaction in learning English reading comprehension through communicative Language Teaching. The data were statistically analyzed by mean, standard deviation and t-test for dependent samples.

            The findings revealed that: 1) the English reading comprehension ability of students after used the instructional plans rose up at 0.8419 levels or 84.19%, 2) the English reading comprehension ability of students after learning though CLT Technique was improved, according to the comparisons of the score of pretest and posttest. The mean scores in posttest were higher than those of the pretest and the mean score between pretest and posttest in every lesson are significantly different at the 0.05level, and 3) The students were satisfied in learning English reading comprehension through communicative language teaching.


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