1. To support academic works of university personnel and the general public.
  2. Disseminate academic works of university personnel and the general public.
  3. Establish the communication channel for correctlyknowledgebetween academics, researchers and people who interested in the development of local and global wisdom.


  1. To disseminate quality academic and research articles.
  2. To promote the creation and exchange of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.
  3. To be able to apply knowledge for widely reference and usefor people who interested.
  4. To be a forum to present academic works of university personnel and the general public.


The Rajabhat MahaSarakham University Journal is an academic journal that disseminate academic and research articles covering in the humanities and social sciences. The subjects that published are education, economics, business administration and management, political science, public administration, law, linguistics, psychology and interdisciplinary in humanities and social sciences, in the form of:

  1. Academic articles, orreview articles.
  2. Research articles which are the part or overall of the completed research results.
  3. Book review.

Review Policy


1. Appointment of Peer Reviewer Appointed from outside experts Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University by being a qualified person as The Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) has announced that it is a reader of academic works of Assistant Professor. Associate Professor and professor 

2. To consider each article, a Peer Reviewer must be appointed to read and evaluate the article. From experts in the field of study related to that article, at least 3  Peer Reviewer to  1 article.

3. Submitting articles to Peer Reviewer to read, review and evaluate. To be done with the Double blind system

Publication Frequency

Three volumes per year

    Volume 1 January - April

    Volume 2 May - August

    volume 3 September - December



       Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University


Journal History

Rajabhat MahaSarakham University recognizes and places importance on knowledge creation which consistent with the context and according to the procedures of international standards,includingdissemination the body of knowledge to the public, with public media that are trusted and accepted in academic circles. We there fore created the Rajabhat MahaSarakham University Journal for publishing research articles and academic articles to the public, in forms of hard copy and electronic version. Which assigning the Graduate Studies to act as a central unit for the operation. The Rajabhat MahaSarakham University Journal start publication the first volume on 2007, and currently.


  1. Associate Professor Dr. Somjet Poosri

              Chairman of Rajabhat MahaSarakham University Council

  1. Associate Professor Dr. Nirut Thuengnak

                    President of Rajabhat MahaSarakham University