Guidelines for Managing Community Product Group of one Tambon ne Product : Case Study, Huay Yang Village, MuangLuang Sub-District, HuaiThapThan District, Sisaket Province

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Jittima Palasak


This paper is cordially objective (1) to study the management context of community product groupofone tambon one product, Huay Yang village, MuangLuang sub-district, HuaiThap Than district, Sisaket Province, and (2) to study of the guidelines for managing community product groupofone tambon one product : case study, Huay Yang village, MuangLuang sub-district, HuaiThap Than district, Sisaket Province. The research is a quality research .Target group used in the management of community product groups totally 25 persons by in-depth interview and Focus groups.

          The research result finding is

  1. The management context of community product groupofone tambon one product on Huay Yang village, MuangLuang sub-district, HuaiThap Than district, Sisaket Province, to setting up rules for their group to manage on money, production, sale and general management, there is the committee structure for group management, important products such as silk ,agricultural product, Vine basket fruit smoothie etc. Their group has ability on the market so much because they can find market by themselves and have the orders continually and chance to show and sell their goods in carnivals continually both in the area and out of area. Now their group has success, get prizes and famous on the handicraft.

            2. The guidelines for managing of community product group of one tambon one product  on Huay Yang village, MuangLuang sub-district, HuaiThap Than district, Sisaket found that there were the management ways on the network building to support ability in competition, building the products that have had identity itself by giving precedence to delicate and beautiful crafts and being specific identity, skill development for members, communication on the market and promotion in goods sale of business on online, development of transparent and fair finance system and benefiting for members efficiently and guidelinesin government office and private organization level; namely products potential development to have potentials in competition both in country and in abroad, both on the production and making more sales, supportive factors development in doing business such as technology, financial markets, access to capitals, promoting on potentials in the readiness preparation of OTOP entrepreneur, building the network, promoting and supporting production and using information technology and communication in sectors, increasing efficiency in long-term competition and goods worth reinforcement by giving precedence to reinforce goods identity that have reflected to be up-to-date and had the cultural values and localwisdom.


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