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This issue of Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University Journal is the Volume 16, No.1 (January-April 2022) contains
of one interesting academic article. As for the research articles, they are still varied in both humanities and social
sciences, with different research methodology, making this journal more interesting.
Our editorial board remains committed to the policy of publishing academic services to society, encouraging
the exchange of knowledge in society. All of you can submit articles and search all articles through the website
https://so0 5 . tci-thaijo.org/index.php/rmuj/index. In addition, information can be found in the database of Thailis at
http://tdc.thailis.or.th/tdc, and the DOI database at http: //doi.nrct,go,th.
We are pleased to promote and support researchers, academics, instructors, graduate students as well as other
interested to publish their works by sending articles to be published in RMUJ and become part of our knowledge and
intellectual development, which is the foundation of any further social, economic and our country development.


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