Causal Relationship of Effectiveness of Small-sized Schools Under the Office of Basic Education Commission

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This research aimed to develop and examine the consistency, with the empirical data, of causal relationship of effectiveness of small-sized schools under the Office of Basic Education Commission. The research was divided into two phases. Firstly, based on literature review, the researcher wrote a causal relationship model. The model was developed further by assistance of 7 experts through a semi-structural interview. Secondly, the model of effectiveness of small-sized schools under the Office of Basic Education Commission was examined for its consistency. The data were gained from 402 school administrators, using five rating scale questionnaires. The data analysis was conducted with statistical tools such as percentile, mean, standard deviation and path analysis by LISREL analysis.

            The findings revealed that the model showing causal relationship of the effectiveness of small-sized schools under the Office of Basic Education Commission consisted of 4 factors; administrators’ leadership, teachers’ competency, policy implementation, and management. Schools in the high o-net score group and the low o-net score group had the consistency of the model with empirical data statistically significantly              at the level of .01. That is, administrators’ leadership and policy implementation had a direct influence on the effectiveness of small-sized schools.                 In addition, the policy implementation and administrators’ leadership affected teachers’ competency while the teachers’ competency had indirect influence to the effectiveness of small-sized schools through management.


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