A Model for Developing Tourist Loyalty through Sport Activities in the Sport City Attractions in Thailand

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Teerapong Pongpeng
Nattapong Techarattanased
Bundit Pungnirund


The research had three main objectives. Firstly, it aimed to assess the levels of quality management activities, service innovation, tourism image, value recognition, and loyalty among tourists engaged in sport activities. Secondly, it sought to investigate the influences of quality management activities, service innovation, tourism image, and value recognition on tourist loyalty. Lastly, the research aimed to develop a model for promoting tourist loyalty in sport activities, referred to as the IQIRL Model. The findings indicated that the quality management activities, service innovation, tourism image, value recognition, and loyalty of the participating tourists were all at a high level. Furthermore, the study revealed that quality management activities, service innovation, tourism image, and value recognition significantly influenced tourist loyalty, with a statistical significance level of 0.5. As a result of the research, the developed model for promoting tourist loyalty in sport city attractions in Thailand was named the IQIRL Model (I = Tourism Image,   Q = Quality of Sports Activities, I = Service Innovation, R = Value Recognition, L = Loyalty to Attractions).

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