Development Approach of Tourism Resources in the Lower Area of Sonkhla Lake for Thai Muslim Tourists

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Somchai Prabrat
Wareeporn Chusri
Waraporn Suksanchananun
Saranya Yomad
Wipa Wangsirikul


This study was aimed to determine development approaches tourism resources in the lower are of Songkhla Lake for Thai Muslim tourists. The data were collected using questionnaires from 400 Thai Muslim tourists as the informants and analyzed through statistical methods of percentage, t-value and F-value. The study found that the average age difference among Thai Muslim tourists had an influence on the differences in satisfaction towards the tourism resources, at statistical significance level of .01. No difference in other statuses of the tourists was found. Following suggestions are approaches for developing tourism resources of the area: 1) Roads to the tourism destinations should be improved, a number of new shortcuts should be increased, and including that the transportation services from the main road to the destinations should be more available. 2) More signs about prayer direction (qibla) including pet banning should be provided in accommodations with proper decorated wall photos and Islamic television channels. 3) Local community understands about multiculturalism, complete conservation, and installing fire safety system should be built. 4) The tourism destinations should be conserved to continue holding its beauty under the monitoring of the local authority and tourism entrepreneurs’ organizing of extra activities for the tourists to get more experienced should be promoted. 5) Local understanding of taking care of tourists and participating in activities organized by the destinations, and awareness of being a good host should be regulated.6) Tourist information center of every destination with description signs regarding comprehensive general and historical information of the destinations should be established with well-developed safety system of the entire area.


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