Learners’ Perception towards Project-Based Learning in Encouraging English Skills Performance and 21st Century Skills

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Nualpen Puangpunsi


Meaningful learning should bring learners to meet their entire goals—both an achievement in academic skills and everyday life skills. This current study focused on the implementation of project-based learning (PBL) in an EFL classroom for young adult learners at a university level. The study aimed at the development of students’ performance in English skills and enhancement of 21st century skills through working processes of project work. Feedback from participants on the adoption of PBL in English learning was revealed in the study.  A total of 104 participants, working in small groups, developed a piece of project work for 15 weeks. Data obtained from a questionnaire pointed out the positive feedback on the integration of project-based learning in English class activity. The study also found that PBL played the role in the enhancement of English skills improvement and the 21st century skills acquisition. Majority of participants mentioned that project-based activity engaged them to develop collaboration and teamwork skills, flexibility and adaptability skills and increased the better level of responsibility in learning. Furthermore, the students stated that they were satisfied with the integration of PBL in English learning class. Overall, an integration of PBL in a classroom allows learners to accomplish meaningful goals and overcome some difficulties in learning.


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