Online Learning Management in New Normal for Upper Elementary School Students

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Pinyo Wongthong


The purposes of this research were to study (1) the online learning management model in the new normal for upper elementary school students; (2) the effectiveness of the online learning management model; and (3) guidelines for developing online learning management to be appropriate to the context of the school effectively. The research type was mixed-method research. This was designed by creating an online questionnaire and sent to the sample group. There were 148 students in grades 4-6 from Ongkarak Demonstration School, out of a total of 208 students who voluntarily provided information and responded to the online questionnaire. Research tools were questionnaires, interviews, and satisfaction assessment forms. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, percentage, and content analysis. The findings revealed that: 1) online learning management model consisted of 4 steps as follows: survey and analysis, preparation and plan, Implementation and monitor, and evaluation and reflection; 2) effectiveness of online learning management model found that students had a good level of availability of the tools they use for online learning, they had a good level of online learning behavior, and students’ satisfaction was at a high level; and 3) school should develop about online learning management in the field of organizing management, learning activities, technology media, teacher, student, and parents to be effective and appropriate to the school context.


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