Model Development of Cultural Tourism Promotion by Community-Based Tourism of Mon Community, Sainoi Sub-District, Bang Ban District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

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Kanda Tekhanmag


The objective of this research was to develop a model for cultural tourism promotion through community-based tourism in the Mon Sainoi sub-district community systematically. By applying qualitative research methods. The 24 target populations have acquired a purposive sampling. The data was collected by four methods: community survey, in-depth interview, non-participant observation, and focus group discussion. Data were examined by data and methodological triangulation and analyzed by content analysis. It was found that the model for cultural tourism promotion by community-based tourism in the Mon Sainoi sub-district community 4 consecutive steps, namely 1) creating knowledge, understanding, and participation in tourism activities “Mon Wisdom in Sai Noi Sub-District: The Way of the Krungkao Mon Community”; 2) developing potential for driving tourism (1) development of community storytellers youth, 2) organizing a welcome show for tourists, 3) developing souvenirs from local wisdom, 4) developing local food, 5) creating cultural learning media, and 6) adjusting the landscape with participation); 3) promoting tourism marketing channels by publishing publicity leaflets; and 4) manage communication to create recognition by organizing the event “Mon Cultural Tourism Community in Sai Noi Sub-District: The Way of the Krungkao Mon Community”.


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