The Conservation and Inheritance of “Lakorn Chatri” in Trok Lakorn, Nanglearng, Community, Bangkok

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Sittichai Sukthumsatit
Ingkayut Poolsub


The research aimed to study the history of “Lakorn Chatri” and the guideline to conserve and inherit “Lakorn Chatri”, including the community's role in the participation in conserving and inheriting “Lakorn Chatri” in Trok Lakorn, Nanglearng Community, Bangkok. The research methodology was a qualitative method. Data were collected from both documents and field methods through observation, interview, focus group discussion, and etc.  The results indicated that the backgrounds of traditional “Lakorn Chatri” are interesting and unique in such aspects as the performance pattern, dramatic music performance, etc. “Lakorn Chatri” experienced both the flourishing and declining periods, and now it is becoming the period of conserving and inheriting to the new generation.  Besides, the most effective guideline to conserve and inherit “Lakorn Chatri” is to make it propagated and to educate the new generation or the interested people with the knowledge of traditional “Lakorn Chatri”.  In the part of community's role in conserving and inheriting “Lakorn Chatri”, it was found that the people in the community (Nanglearng) are fond of it and understand its critical status that “Lakorn Chatri” is the art and cultural performance deserved to conserve and inherit for the future generations.


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