Community Identity Communication for Akha Pang Khon Coffee Packaging Design to Promote Coffee Tourism

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Aphitsara Kritawanich


This research aimed to 1) study community identity communication to design Akha Pang Khon coffee packaging that promotes coffee tourism; 2) develop packaging and logo for Akha Pang Khon coffee; 3) study consumer satisfaction towards Akha Pang Khon coffee packaging; and 4) create the learning process together to transfer innovative community coffee packaging. This research used qualitative research to find information on concepts and identity in the Akha Pang Khon coffee packaging design and used quantitative research to survey satisfaction. The target group consisted of 105 people who came to travel at Akha Pang Khon Coffee Community Enterprise, using an accidental sampling method and giving out questionnaires to assess satisfaction. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean and standard deviation. The result found that a sample were satisfied with the Akha Pang Khon coffee symbol (brand) at a high level, with the opinion that the logo was beautiful and easy to remember, distinctive and unique, and the Akha Pang Khon coffee logo could communicate the identity of Pang Khon. As for the packaging design of Akha Pang Khon coffee, the samples were satisfied with the use of illustrations and patterns the most, followed by using color tones, the use of letter styles, the details of its obvious beauty, the composition of the picture, and the size of the letters, respectively.


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