Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Solid Waste Collection Service of the Residents in Pluak Daeng Subdistrict, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province

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Chollakorn Charunchol
Aniruth Phongpaew
Tawan Vikraipat
Sirikanya Thammarungrueng
Veschayan Wattanakul


The objective of this survey research aimed 1) To study the characteristics of supporting factorsand satisfaction of solid waste collection service 2) To study the satisfaction of solid waste collection service 3) To examine the supporting factors influencing the satisfaction of solid waste collection services The sample group was residents of Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province. 395 people and used the questionnaire as a tool to collect data. The confidence value was 0.955. The statistics used in the data analysis represent mean, standard deviation, t-test, one-way variance, and Multiple Regression Analysis. The results showed that 1) supporting factors the general average was at the highest level in all aspects and overall the average was at the highest level in all aspects 2) The difference of residents gender and age there was different satisfaction in providing solid waste collection services. 3) factors knowledge and understanding about solid waste (X1), participation aspect (X2) The amount of waste (X3) influenced the satisfaction of the residents' solid waste collection services and could be described the variation in solid waste collection service satisfaction (Y) for 49.10 percent. A forecast formulation could be written from the raw score as follows:

gif.latex?\hat{Y} = 1.061+0.283X1+0.249 X2+0.245 X3




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Charunchol, C., Phongpaew, A., Vikraipat, T., Thammarungrueng, S., & Wattanakul, V. (2022). Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Solid Waste Collection Service of the Residents in Pluak Daeng Subdistrict, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province. Rajapark Journal, 16(44), 371–381. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/255109
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