Business of Development Guidelines for Entrepreneurs’ Prefab House

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Samai Kokcharoenpong
Thanyanant Chansongpol
Panya Anantathanachai
Natamon Nanposri
Worakamol Wisetsri


The purposes of this research were to study 1) the level of market factors for prefabricated houses in Nakhon Pathom Province. 2) the consumers' decisions to buy prefabricated houses in Nakhon Pathom Province, and 3) the problems and obstacles that present competitive approaches to business development for operators of prefabricated house businesses. The research was mixed-method. The sample size was determined according to the guidelines of Krejcie and Morgan for 400 people, and data was collected using questionnaires and interviews. The results showed that the sample group had a level of opinion on the market factors for prefabricated houses in Nakhon Pathom Province. Overall, it was at a high level when considering each aspect. They found that the product factor in terms of the use of quality construction materials has the highest opinion level. The price factor: the price aspect is the most suitable for the quality of the house, and the contact aspect is the most convenient. Good customer service before and after sales is a marketing promotion factor. The sample group's opinions about the consumers' decision to buy prefabricated houses in Nakhon Pathom Province were the highest. The first goal of purchasing a prefabricated house is to use it for resale or speculation. The source of the most common 42 percent level of opinion about the resources to buy a prefabricated house is the most recommended by friends and relatives, accounting for 37.50 percent, during the consideration period before deciding to buy a prefabricated house for more than 4 weeks, 40.5 percent. Business development guidelines for entrepreneurs of prefabricated home businesses are: 1) to set up the management system 2) building a business network 3) advertising and public relations and 4) creating a marketing plan.


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Kokcharoenpong, S., Chansongpol, T., Anantathanachai, P., Nanposri, N., & Wisetsri, W. (2021). Business of Development Guidelines for Entrepreneurs’ Prefab House. Rajapark Journal, 15(43), 397–408. Retrieved from
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