The Model of Proactive School Supervision Management of the Office of Primary Education Service Areas, Mukdahan Province

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Araporn Khonsanit
Sowwanee Sikkhabandit
Panya Theerawithayalert


This research the objectives were 1) To create a proactive school supervision management model; 2) To try and evaluate a proactive school supervision management model. Of the office of primary education area, Mukdahan Province is research that combines methods the sample group consisted of 5 experts, a supervisor, a school administrator, and 32 teachers by selecting a specific method. Use the data collection tool as interviews and checklists. Analyze the data by averaging. standard deviation and analyze the content the results of the research showed that 1) the proactive school supervision management model consisted of: (1) The proactive supervision process consisted of 7 steps: assessment of the current condition, prioritization stage, supervision method design stage, resource allocation stage, coordination, administration, and monitoring and reporting phases (2). Proactive working principles include planning, good problem analysis, organization awareness, effective presentation techniques, and networking. Work and coordination system (3) Factors promoting proactive school supervision include academic leadership of supervisors, building knowledge and understanding, variety of supervisory tools, promoting participation, and continuous supervision. 2) The experimental results and the model evaluation results overall it is reasonable, accurate, comprehensive, and useful. At the highest level and there is a high level of possibility.


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Khonsanit อ., Sikkhabandit เ., & Theerawithayalert ป. (2022). The Model of Proactive School Supervision Management of the Office of Primary Education Service Areas, Mukdahan Province. Rajapark Journal, 16(44), 445–460. Retrieved from
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