The Effective Public Relations Management Model through Online Social Media of Private Kindergarten Schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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Sasaluck Bunyaraksh
Sowwanee Sikkhabandit
Panya Theerawithayalert


This research aims 1) To study public relations management conditions by using the social media of private kindergarten schools in Bangkok. 2) To study the demand for news from the school of parents and private kindergarten students in Bangkok. 3) To develop public relations patterns using effective social media and 4) To try the public relations format using the online social media of a private kindergarten in Bangkok, using mixed research methods by exploring the opinions of the parents, 20 different students, interviewing 5 school executives, discussing with a group of experts and 5 public relations management guides, and evaluating the manual by 5 experimental school administrators, and Teaching 9 people. The results showed that; 1) Public relations conditions through the online social media of the kindergarten, the main website, are followed by application lines and e-mail. 2) Most parents indicate that the news received from the school is old and not modern. The news that parents want a lot is how to manage to teach academic activities throughout the year. 3) The form of public relations management has 4 elements according to the quality circuit guidelines (PDCA), consisting of planning (plan), operation (DO), check (CHECT) and improvement (ACT) and 4) The form and manual used in the experiment are consistent and beneficial to the school according to the opinions of the executives and school teachers who are trial school.


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Bunyaraksh ศ., Sikkhabandit เ., & Theerawithayalert ป. (2022). The Effective Public Relations Management Model through Online Social Media of Private Kindergarten Schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Rajapark Journal, 16(44), 431–444. Retrieved from
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