The Causal Relationship Between Alternative COVID-19 Vaccine Marketing Mix and Service Quality of Private Hospitals with the Decision to Reserve Vaccine Among Working Adults Living Bangkok

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Narubodee Wathanakom


The purpose of this research is to 1) explore the general conditions of personal factors, alternative COVID-19 vaccine service marketing mix, and service quality of private hospitals and the decision to reserve vaccine among working adults living in Bangkok and 2) uncover the causal relationship between demographics, COVID-19 vaccine service marketing mix (7Ps), and service quality with the decision to reserve vaccine. Quantitative research was conducted. The data was collected via questionnaires from 400 samples of working adults living in Bangkok, selected by purposing sampling method. The data was then analyzed with descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The inferential statistics was used to test hypothesis with one-way ANOVA and multiple linear regression. The study revealed that 1) working adults living in Bangkok who reserved alternative COVID-19 are female aged 20-30 years old with higher education than Bachelor’s degree, working in private enterprises with more than 100,001-baht income per month, and mostly reserving Moderna vaccine and 2) the educational level, and the process, product, and people elements of service marketing mix as well as the reliability and empathy elements of service quality significantly influences the reserving decision for alternative COVID-19 vaccine among working adults living in Bangkok.


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