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Naphatsawan Wongsirisakha
Kittichok Nithisathian


The objectives of this research is (1) to study the behavior of using Social Media in Generation M’s Mom related with baby milk powder, (2) to study the relationship between expressive behavior and decision to buy baby milk powder. This research is a qualitative research all data were collected from the interviews which using a phenomenological approach. (Phenomenology or Empirical Study) to study the phenomenon and experience of the human being (Lived Experience). 20 Interviewees who pass 4 conditions of this research Aged in Generation M with children under 1 year live in Bangkok have social media account at least. 2 out of 4 accounts of the line, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The researcher had conducted this study from October 2016 to January 2018.
The study found that (1) behavioral expression was divided into three categories, namely, Becoming inspired, mood management (24%), Learning from others (41%) and Sharing and accessing opinions, reviews and rating (76%) (2). The three behaviors were not explained directly to purchasing process but influences the process of finding information and evaluating alternatives which is a pre-maternity purchase process.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)