Guidelines of Qualitative Data Classification for Synthesizing the Academic Works

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สัญญา เคณาภูมิ


One big problem of researchers was ability to classify
information not good enough especially the qualitative research
that does not provide a framework for guiding to collect data
that was research types starting from facts to Theories orcreating
the theory from phenomena (Grounded Theory) , when collected
data then the first process was “theoretical conclusions Creating”.
Therefore, this processrathermake a problems for researchers.
This article aimed to present the guidelines for classifying the
qualitative data in order to synthesize as academic works, this
approach were; the classification of (1) locus and focus, (2) stratum
sequence, (3) birth order, (4) relationship of variables, (5) element
factor, (6) system, and (7) data source. However this may the
introduction approachbut these are others. Moreover, the most
important issues for setting variables in research conceptual
framework were; (1) The variable must be based on the principle
(concepts or theories) and (2) Variable names must be set as
clearly focus direction as positive or negative, not be general


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