The Product and Packaging Development Oyster Chilli Sauce. Kung Gra-ben Bay Oyster Fully Integrated Producing Community, Chanthaburi

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Atchima Supachariyawat
Taksaya Sangayotin
Tatiya Chimpalee
Ponpatchara Luengdamrongchai


The objectives of this research were 1) to study product characteristics and packaging of oyster chili sauce 2) Product development and packaging of oyster chili sauce, to be used as a role model for Kung Gra-ben bay oyster fully integrated producing community. This research was mixed method by questionnaires as a
quantitative research tool, statistical program for data analysis and focus group discussion.

Following the analysis of two factors are packaging characteristics and purchasing decisions using the Multiple Linear Regression method was found that the packaging durability, pouring out, storage and disposal affects to consumers' purchasing decisions therefor sample group of dealer and consumer propose to expand the package size. The sample group consensus was proposed that oyster chili sauce should sales in a 4-bottle pack, in beautifully packaged, durability throughout the product shelf life. If not consumed all at once shall be store at room temperature or should be placed in the refrigerator, and for disposal of the packaging should be recyclable.

According to the analysis of this research found that correlating between product composition and consumer purchasing decision of oyster sauce in mainly benefit focus on taste, value and quality. In term of product model focus on clean packaging, beautiful and label clarity. In term of product expectation focus on selling
price and nutritional value couple of focusing on product concurrently with delivery and after-sales service. In term of product potential also focus on the exotic taste including the nutritional value and texture of oyster chili sauce.


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