Establishing an advantage competitive of Thai food industry through Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard system

  • สมทรง นาคศรีสังข์ มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพธนบุรี
  • บุรพร กำบุญ
Keywords: Standardized production management procedures, Thai food industry entrepreneurs


The present study was made to 1. To study motivation that directly influences management of GMP standards. 2. To study the macroeconomic factors that directly influence the management of GMP standards and 3. To determine the good management of GMP standards that influence the competitiveness of Thai food industry. Mixed method of quantitative and quality studies were used in this research. According to the information from 400 employees in Thai food factories with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Results indicated that both Macro Environment Analysis and the good management of GMP standards had positive influence on management of GMP standard and competitiveness of the Thai Food Industry, respectively. For Macro Environment Analysis, the most important variable was economic factors (ECO) while the least was cultural / social factors. For Standardized Good Manufacturing Practices GMP, the most important variable was financial whereas the least was Learning and Growing.


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