Kanrumphengpei Lineage NoraYok Chubuw National Artist

  • อัณณ์อากร แสงแก้ว มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา
  • ผกามาศ จิรจารุภัทร


This research is a study of NoraYok Chubuw National Artist’s Kanrumphengpei. It is a qualitative research. Aims to analytical studies of posture dance, patterns of Kanrumphengpei, were inherited, history and elements of dance music. “NoraYok Chubuw National Artist’s Kanrumphengpei”. To be consistent with the purpose researchers have research methods such as data from the document, interview the experts academics and scholars philosophers villagers. The aim of this study is to study the process of NoraYok Chubuw National Artist’s Kanrumphengpei. This research study from textbooks and research papers. The data from the study were compiled in descriptive style. This can come in the form of research integrity.

The researchers concluded that NoraYok Chubuw National Artist’s Kanrumphengpei is not only dance that uses dance ability the dance moves. The dancers must practice until they become skillful and talented, which is in the form of a show of Nora ritual and do it on Thursday or the second day ritual. The researcher focuses on this work in terms of the succession of Kanrumphengpei, dance process and dance format of Kanrumphengpei which comes from Lineage NoraYok Chubuw. The characteristics of the succession of NoraYok Chubuw’s Kanrumphengpei. From the 3 direct disciples, there are principles and methods of succession in a similar way. It is inherited in teaching and inheritance by the promotion of publishing.

The way to do this is to bring dance teachers and dance students as well as practicing the skills. The process of dance Kanrumphengpei research study found that the nature of the dance process, it consists of dance, Dance music, Pei process in the melody Phengnadcha, Phengnadrew and Phengpei by the big Nora and Nay Pei is the actor. Which contains a dance follows, Dance on the backrest (seat always compares Stools or chairs), Tharayaw, Tharaphengpei, Thafangseiyngpei, Thayawpei, Thakhxseiyngpei and Thalompei.

The characteristics of the process of Kanrumphengpei. The dance consists of Kantangwngkheakhway, Kantangwnghnabeabnora, Kantangwngmuxbea, Kantangwngradab, Kantangwngradabxk, Muxcibkhwa, Muxcibhngay, Muxcibhlang, Kanchimuxcibphises, Kancibmuxtakhaeng, Kannadkhen, Kankhlingkhaennora, Kankawtheahna, Theahlangpeidsnthea, Kankawtheahna, Theahlangheyiybtemthea, Kankradktheahlang, Kanphsmtmthea, Kankebthea, Baebyun, Kankebthea, Baebnang, Kankebtheadoykannangphabpheiyb, The researcher takes the matters of inheritance, procedure and forms of dance show Kanrumphengpei. To analyze and organize the knowledge of this form of specific dance was beneficial to those interested in stories about Nora.


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