Inventory Control Process Improvement by Process Redesign Method

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Keywords: Process Improvement, Inventory Control Process, Process Redesign


This research is an action research. It aims to: 1) improve the inventory control process of the student development division, the presidential office, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, by process redesign technique; 2) update the work manual of the renewed inventory control process; 3) review the appropriateness of the redesigned process. The key informants in the research are divided into 4 groups as follows: the division staff, the division management team, the researcher, and the process expert. The research instrument is divided into two categories: 1) data collection tools comprising frequency table, interview form, minutes of meeting, process analysis table, and Pareto diagram; 2) process redesigning tools including quality operating procedures chart (QWP), process flow chart, and key quality indicator (KQI).

The results, according to the objectives, are reported into 3 parts: process redesign, work manual update, and process appropriateness review results. Results of the process redesign show that a new process comprises of 4 procedures. It includes storing, disbursement and borrowing, maintenance, and checking procedures. The process KQI is percentage of service satisfaction level. The procedures’ KQIs are percentage of number of times using inventory searching time within 10 minutes/ item, percentage of number of times using disbursing within 20 minutes/item, percentage of number of complaints to total number of equipment services, and percentage of number of the equipment items inconsistent with those shown in the registration, respectively. The number of activities in each procedure are 4, 7, 6, and 3 respectively.

The updated work manual results reviews that a set of renewed manual containing objectives, process scope, definitions, responsibilities, procedures, references, process forms, and appendices. In the results of the process appropriateness examination, the expert meeting has unanimously agreed that the inventory control process is appropriate.


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