A Synthesis of New Public Service for Thailand

  • อลงกต วรกี วิทยาลัยทองสุข
Keywords: New Public Service, Thailand


This research on a synthesis of the New Public Service aims (1) to study and comparative analyze of the concept of the New Public Service and the other concepts of Public Administration, and (2) to synthesize and summarize the concept of the New Public Service. Population and sample was 12 books and articles. The instruments used were a survey and interview. Data were analyzed using content analysis. The research findings showed that the concept of the New Public Service (NPS) is significantly different from the Old Public Administration (OPA) and the New Public Management (NPM) in many respects. On the other hands, it is similar to the concept of the New Public Administration (NPA). There are seven significances of the concept of the New Public Service (NPS) : (1) serving the citizens, not customers (2) searching for the public interest (3) value citizenship over entrepreneurship (4) thinking strategically and acting democratically (5) recognizing that accountability is not simple (6) serving rather than steering and (7) value people, not just productivity.


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