Marketing Management Strategy of the Construction Steel Rod Business for the Maximum Success: A Case Study of the Amorn Group Company Limited

  • Maliwan Prayongphan Doctoral Student Faculty of Political Science, Bangkokthonburi University
  • Boonlert Pairin Dr. Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Political Science, Bangkok Thonburi University
Keywords: strategy, marketing


            The main objectives of this study were: (1) to investigate the marketing management strategy of the construction steel rod business for maximum success in the case of the Amon Group Company Limited; (2) to ascertain the factors favorable to the maximum success of marketing management strategy; and (3) to seek guidelines for use in further boosting the marketing management strategy of the construction steel rod business. The study was qualitative in nature. The needed data were collected from documents, participant observation, and in – depth interviews: 19 key informants comprised the sample for the study; they were executives of the company, production staff from the Production Department of the Company, and  the procurement staff. The collected data from all sources were analyzed by descriptive interpretation. The data analysis has cast light on the following facts:

  1. On the success of the marketing management strategy of the company, the success was attributable to the following: the company had a fresh vision; the company was at the forefront of the quality and service notably the production of steel rods coated with plastic; the quality of products was improved on a regular basis; the products were produced according to the standard stipulated by law; and the services was provided to the customer both before and after the sale of the products.
  2. On the factors favorable to the maximum success of the marketing management strategy, it was found that the following strategies played a dominant role in bringing about the maximum success: (1) Price. The company had a policy in setting price at a reasonable level. (2) Place. Location and distribution channels of tinplates were deemed highly suitable; the quality of the products complied with JIS G 33153. (3) Promotion. Marketing plans were well – prepared so as to enable the sale to go smoothly; the market shares were maintained; and the products were delivered to the customers in a timely fashion. (4) Products. The steel rods were used in a wide variety of work such as construction, iron pipe production, furniture production, and iron plate production. The service center of the company was recognized by ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015
  3. On the Guidelines for use in further boosting the marketing management strategy, the company adopted a new market strategy, that was, the company mode all possible efforts to expand both internal and external markets to cover all groups of service users, as well as attempted to increase the market share: maintaining the old customer and seeking new ones.


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