The Sustainable Public Disaster Management of Phuket Province


  • Somsak Kongthong The Institute of Public Administration and Governance, Shinawatra University
  • Pornpan Silarat The Institute of Public Administration and Governance, Shinawatra University


Public disaster, Management, The Sustainable


         The objectives of this study were to 1)  study public disaster quality administration behavior of Phuket province 2)  study public disaster administration of Phuket province 3)  study integrating public disaster administration of Phuket province and 4)  study problem and obstacle in administration of public disaster of Phuket province.

         The research is mixed method research between qualitative and quantitative research. The researcher employs qualitative research using field research by in-depth interview from experts and organizations’ executives which related to Phuket province’s public disaster administration included Governor of Phuket province, District Chief of Phuket province, Head of Prevention and Disaster Relief Office, Commander of Provincial Police, and 3 Superintendent of Provincial Police from 3 districts of Phuket province including Mueang Phuket district, Kathu district, and Talang district total 11 persons together with the quantitative research, population and samples are people who live in the study areas totally 400 persons from population 402,017 persons. The study used questionnaire as a tool, statistics used in this research were frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation, and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient together with the survey of information from documentary study.

      The research results found that 1)  administration of quality management of public disaster of Phuket province had average value at medium level (x̄=3.192, S.D=0.690) 2)  public disaster administration of Phuket province had average value at medium level (x̄=3.183, S.D=0.712) 3)  administration integration of Phuket province had average value at medium level (x̄=3.201, S.D=0.675) and 4)  problem and obstacle in integrating administration of public disaster of Phuket province found that majority faced with problem in cooperation with closed agencies and other departments. In order to solve public disaster problem still lack of cooperation 31.5 percent, followed by providing knowledge to people for sustainable and systematic public disaster management 23.1 percent, build up the conscious in sharing responsibility in public disaster management 18.8 percent, promoting the management of public disaster 18.0 percent, opinion hearing and problem hearing from people before process drafting the prevention plan for coping with public disaster problem 4.8 percent, and communication equipment, not enough or less efficiency equipment 3.8 percent respectively. The information and new findings from this study could be used as guideline for the improvement and develop jobs related to prevent and relief public disaster in Phuket province to be effective and efficient.


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