Education and Development of Reed Mats in Samed Ngam Village Community Combining Digital Printing Techniques to the of Fashion Accessories


  • Pattarachai Panpanit College of Creative Industry ,Srinakharinwirot University
  • Koraklod Kumsook College of Creative Industry ,Srinakharinwirot University
  • Naddawadee Boonyadacho College of Creative Industry ,Srinakharinwirot University


Chantaboon reed, Digital printing, Fashion accessories


         This aims of this research are the creation of fashion accessories, with a documentary study and interviews with fashion and print design experts and a study of the identity of Chanthaboon reed mat weaving in a Samed Ngam village community and tourist attractions. An experimental sample was used to study the techniques, design methods and fashion accessory adaptations: (1) group meetings to identify the idea; (2) to search for information on fashion accessory products; (3) to study fashion design trends from 2022-2023; (4) to study the elements of Chanthabru reed mat weaving and new material coloring design ideas; (5) to create keywords and research conceptual frameworks to design digitally-embossed fashion accessories; (6) to design fashion accessory products using inspiration from field trips to study real data consistent with key words and the conceptual framework; and (7) to consult an expert to analyze and present design ideas. The results of the research were as follows: the identity of the Samed Ngam community is to create prints by studying the patterns of tourist attractions, the way of life, the weaving of reed mats, places in the community, and rocks, trees and flowers, as models for sketching designs. The combination of 2022-2023 and future fashion trends with fashion accessory product design. The results of the study and the development of reed mats in the Samed Ngam village community by combining digital printing techniques to design fashion accessories. It was found that the ability to design products in the category of fashion accessories with digital printing were satisfactory. The prints on reed mats were developed by combining woven materials. It was concluded that synthetic fibers had 100% adherence of the printed color, making this research successful. It should be extended to other products to actual distribution channels, building a brand, distributing income to the community and creating knowledge. It also creates customer groups according to current trends after the COVID-19 pandemic because of the beauty and of the reed mats and in the direction of the fashion industry.


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