Influence Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Learning on College Students' Entrepreneurial Decision-making


  • Ying Ma School of Management, Metharath University
  • Pratikshya Bhandari School of Management, Metharath University


Entrepreneurial Learning, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition, Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy, Entrepreneurial Decision-making


                The purpose of this study is to investigate the mediating role of creativity and entrepreneurial opportunity identification between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial decision-making, as well as the mediating role of entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and to construct a model. Based on the survey data of 588 college students in Shanxi Province, China, this study constructs a structural equation model, and explores the influence on college students' entrepreneurial decision-making from the perspective of entrepreneurial learning. The results show that entrepreneurial learning has a positive influence on entrepreneurial decision-making, entrepreneurial opportunity identification plays a mediating role between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial decision-making, and the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurial decision-making has not been verified. Entrepreneurial self-efficacy positively regulates the influence of entrepreneurial learning on creativity, and entrepreneurial self-efficacy positively regulates entrepreneurial learning, creativity and entrepreneurial opportunity identification.


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