Environmental Management Standards for the Green Hotel Business


  • Orawan Siddhiwicharn Hospitality and Hotel Management, College of Innovative Management Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage


Management, Environment, Green Hotel, Business


             Nowadays, awareness of the importance of the environment around us is clearly evident. Especially in an era where there is a lot of competition in the hotel business sector. Environmental management of the hotel's interior and exterior areas is under the responsibility to meet the standards of environmental organizations both nationally and ASEAN internationally. It is something that hotel business operators place great and widespread importance on the word green hotel. Hotels that have been assessed for environmental standards and received awards will have a positive image for the establishment. It raises the standard of service that is environmentally friendly. This academic article aims to present criteria for requesting an assessment and leading to selection as a green hotel that is environmentally friendly. Examples of award-winning establishments are shown. Environmental management in the hotel business for operators in Thailand is a way to differentiate their services. In practice, not many entrepreneurs encounter obstacles in their implementation. In this article, we point out practical ways to lead to success in business. Managing environmental standards in the hotel business is an investment for a sustainable future.


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