Communication, Behavior, and Trends of Consumer Spending in a Cashless Society


  • Palphol Rodloytuk Arts Performance Communication, School of Liberal Arts, Metharath University, Pathumthani, Thailand


Communication, Behavior, Trends, Electronic Financial Transactions


          This research studies communication, behavior, and trends of consumer spending in a cashless society focusing on the male and female population living in the Bangkok area aged 18-60 years and over, totaling 500 people.
         The objectives of this research are 1) to study communication models in electronic financial transactions 2) to study behavior in electronic financial transactions 3) to study trends in electronic financial transactions.
          Employing quantitative research methodology using frequencies and percentage statistics, the research found that the form of communication in electronic financial transactions was the most common: Internet Banking/Mobile Banking, followed by electronic money (e- Money) such as Wallet, True Money, Rabbit Line Pay, credit/debit cards, respectively. In terms of behavior of electronic financial transactions, it was found that respondents had the most electronic financial transactions behavior. As for trends in electronic financial transactions among people living in Bangkok, it was found that respondents were most likely to engage in electronic financial transactions.
         Further study, for example, should focus on promotion and support of the production of smartphone technology for low-income and remote people.


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