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Janphen Phusopha
Boonsong Tiampagdee
Sutin Chiamprakhon


              “Sometimes I feel bad about myself.” “Sometimes I'm a bad child for my parents.” “Sometimes I'm a really bad friend.” “Sometimes I'm a really bad boyfriend.” We believe that everyone has a moment “Sometimes.”  We must to know that we had heard these sentences first.  And also “No one is perfect” “No one never made a mistake” or “To error is human” These idioms teach us that everyone always makes a mistake even we had heard but we always blame ourselves when we made a mistake, we often regret. Blaming ourselves is annoyed our mind, it makes us a negative thought, which affects our worth. When we judge ourselves negatively, it make us unconfident for self-confidence. So our former mistakes affect our attitude negatively which much harmful if we don’t manage the way we think because it will affect our long term life.  I would like to inform you that the negative thought or living with the bitter mistakes must affect your life.  Technically, when we consider the reasons, emotion, and behavior (REBT) According to the theory, human behavior derives from personal thought and belief. Therefore, most of the problematic behaviors can be traced back to irrational thoughts. In order to solve the behavior problems, the specialist needs to search deep into the root cause.


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