1. Operational Reviews

- Follow the process and the steps of journal publishing accurately.

-  Contribute to the growth of high scholarly journal regularly for being quality journal.

2.  Quality

- Publish the journal on schedule

- Publish the journal to meet the objectives and match up with the content of the edition title.

-  Select the high quality academic articles to be published in Romphruek Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

-  All articles published in Romphruek Journal must be approved by the reviewers.

-  The editor must send a letter of notification for publishing to the authors soon after receiving the manuscripts that had been corrected or revised according to the suggestions and recommendations of the reviewers and proofread by the editorial board according to the printing format of Romphruek Journal.

- The editor has the right to reject the articles that are written for personal benefits of the authors or the articles not reviewed by the reviewers.

3.  Plagiarism

-  The editor must handle the reuse of text that is copied from another source and ensure that it must be between quotation marks and the original source must be cited.  If not, that manuscript must be rejected.

-  The manuscripts must not be published in any journal before submitting to Romphruek Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences .  If found, the editor must contact the author immediately and that submission shall be rejected.

-  The editor makes the final decision on whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected based on the suggestions and comments of reviewers.

4.  Others

-  The editor must not have the conflict of interest nor be the interested person to the authors and/or the reviewers.

-  The editor must not disclose any personal data of the authors nor of the reviewers throughout the review period.

-  The editor must not use the information of the authors to be his/ her own works nor request for citation.

-  The editor must explain and inform the authors or other people interested in manuscript submission about the following criteria: rules, rate fees, and publishing criteria.