1.  Writing Format - authors must use the article writing format of Romphruek Journal.

2.  Originality – A manuscript must not be published in any other journal before submitting to Romphruek Journal or simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.  

3.  Correctness – the data presented must be original and not appropriately selected, manipulated, enhanced, or fabricated.

4.  Author ethics – authors must

- have ethical concerns in conducting and operating the researches.

- ensure that their contribution does not contain any infringe any copyright or the intellectual property or any other rights of others.  In case of referring to other sources, the credit of the original sources must be given.

- must not have the conflict of interest nor be interested person to the reviewers and/or Krirk University. (The identities of the authors and the reviewers are concealed)

5.  Rights and Benefits – authors must disclose the funding sources of academic works or researches (if any).  They also must inform the editorial board of the conflict of interest(if any).

6.  Authorship of the manuscript – All those who have made significant contribution should be listed as co-authors.  The corresponding author should ensure that all appropriate co-authors and no-inappropriate authors are included in the manuscripts, and that all co-authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscripts and have agreed to its submission for publication. 

7.  Manuscript Revision – authors must edit and/ or revise their manuscripts according to the evaluation results and suggestions of the reviewers within the due date.

8.  Accuracy – authors should have obligation to proofread and edit their manuscripts. With regard to the reference citation, authors should cite only accurate, appropriate and significant sources.  In terms of the sources, illustration, figures, and tables, proper acknowledgement of the works of others must always be given. In addition, the authors must not cite the documents that have been recalled.