Journal History

The first Romphruek Journal of Krirk University was produced in 2525 with intention to celebrate the 200th year of Rattanakosin. Main objectives are to Disseminate knowlede and new knowledge in the field of opening curriculums in Krirk university.To encourage teachers, lecturers and academics to produce academic portfolio in various disciplines.To use as supported documentation for higher education.The editorial board include lecturers in university from various disciplines.


Review Policy 

  1. Provide content which benefits the social sciences and humanities.
  2. Never been published in any journals.
  3. The proposed publication must be written in the specific form of Romphruek journal.
  4. Classroom research and institution research are unacceptable.
  5. Double blined review from at least 3 experts in the fields.
  6. In case of graduate students requesting for graduation, students must attach a copy of the dissertation or thesis signed by all the committees.



Focus and Scope

Romphruek Journal is published three times a year and also distributed in electronic form.The editorial department of Rompruek Journal has a policy and criteria for consideration and publication of articles which were never proposed for publication. And never published in other documents Come earlier And not research articles from classroom research Not research articles from research institutes The articles that will be considered in the publication of the Rompruek Journal must be considered by the editorial team. Which does not disclose names or any personal information Related and evaluating articles from experts who do not know the name of the author and the author of the unknown name (Double Blind Peer Review) From related fields At least 3 journal editors. All articles published in Romphruek Journal are entitled to reservation under the Copyright Law 2537. Peer Review Process. The editorial board include lecturers in university from various disciplines.


Publication Frequency

Issue 3 academic journals per year

  • Issue 1 January - April
  • Issue 2 May-August
  • Issue 3 September – December