The Adaptability of University Freshmen - A Case Study Of Chongqing Technology and Business University in China

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lei Hu
Manoch Prompanyo


This study adopts questionnaire survey method to collect data of freshmen currently studying in Chongqing Technology and Business University, and adopts quantitative research design. The stage of university freshmen is a critical period for their growth and development. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the current situation and existing problems of university freshmen's adaptability and master the rules of their adaptability to guide and help university freshmen to adapt to university life smoothly. Through investigation and analysis, it is concluded that the freshmen of CHONGQING Technology and Business University have good adaptability on the whole, which is equivalent to the national norm level. The adaptability of college freshmen has the difference of ability; There are significant gender differences in learning adaptability. There are significant differences in life adaptability in gender, single child, professional category and origin of students. There are significant differences in the adaptability of interpersonal relationship between gender and origin of students. Social support is significantly correlated with college freshmen's adaptability. These differences reflect some rules of freshmen's adaptation to the university environment, and provide a basis for educators to solve the problems of freshmen's adaptation.

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