The communication styles and motivation using in Thai popular facebook fanpages

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Kanchana Tonpo


This study aimed at exploring the use of communication styles and motivation in Thai popular Facebook fanpages. The data was collected from the forum messages of 90 posts from three famous Facebook pages. Then the data was categorized according to the common traits in order to find information on the presentation being used. The study accordingly found that there were 11 types of the communication styles for presentation, namely personal, open, precise, attentive, animated, friendly, dominant, impression leaving, relaxed, contentious, and dramatic. In this study, there were 2 types of appeals used to provide motivation which were rational appeals and emotional appeals. Emotional appeals could be generated into 6 types, namely ego appeals, sensory appeals, star appeals, humor appeals, warmth appeals, and fear/anxiety appeals. The study revealed that the content generating occurring in Thai popular Facebook Fanpages was caused by the selection of communication styles and the selection of appeals that attracted recipients resulting in a lot of appreciation and followers.


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Kanchana Tonpo, The Liberal Arts, Innovative Learning Center, Srinakarinwirot University, Thailand

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