Beliefs and faith in holy objects for treatment among Thai traditional medical practitioners in Phetchaburi Province

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Kitisak Rujiganjanarat
Kanok Panthong


Belief and faith in sacred things have been with Thai people for a long time like the encouragement for their livings. This qualitative research aimed to study the sacred objects in treatment, including the beliefs and faith of Thai traditional medicine practitioners towards sacred things in the treatment of diseases. The data from nine key informants including Thai traditional medical practitioners, Thai traditional medical assistants, and an expert in Thai traditional medicine were specifically collected and acquired by a specific method using in-depth interview and content analysis from the data providers and textbooks. The results revealed that the holy objects in treatment for Thai traditional medical practitioners in Phetchaburi Province were composed of Bhaisajyaguru, Jivaka statue, the King Rama V, and the spells in compounding medicine. Moreover, the key informants believed that respecting the sacred items could increase comfort and confidence in their treatment. Thanks to the key informants’ real experiences from, they believed more in the supernatural power. In addition, the holy objects in treatment influenced their emotions, and affected the patients, people, or social communities such as the belief in sacred items and the spells. These can be done at home or workplace even though they did not know how exact procedure was. The results of faith were found to occur in their minds like confidence or concentration, and affect the effectiveness of good treatment for patients.


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